Alves Fuels provides the highest quality heating oil, propane and diesel fuels, delivered reliably and promptly to your home or business when you need it. We choose the highest performance fuels to ensure they burn cleaner and more efficiently while enhancing the reliability of your heating system or equipment.

Alves FuelsAutomatic Delivery

You don’t have to worry about running out of oil because Alves Fuels will automatically deliver fuel to your home or business. Our staff with the help of our modern computer system will monitor your individual heating requirements so that you get the heating oil you need, when you need it at the daily cash price.

Will Call Delivery

Should you prefer to monitor your own supply of heating oil, remember to allow sufficient lead time for delivery during regular business hours. A good rule of thumb is to call and schedule your delivery when you have about a quarter tank full. This will ensure we can schedule your delivery and you won’t have to worry about running out in the meantime. During our peak season, we cannot guarantee same day delivery. You may also want to read our article “Why shopping around is costing you more”. This provides you with insight into why waiting and shopping around don’t always provide you with the peace of mind you need to run your heating system.

If you run out of fuel and we need to restart your system, there will be an additional $35.00 charge added to your delivery cost. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons.

Commercial Services

  • Delivery of On-Road Diesel with Fleet Fueling
  • Delivery of Off- Road Diesel with Equipment Fueling
  • Construction Site Delivery

Alves Fuels provides fast, reliable diesel fuel delivery and affordable pricing for on and off-road vehicles, tractors, farm equipment, generators and many other applications.

We deliver only the highest quality fuel. We have strict specification guidelines that have to be met before we accept a refiner’s product. These guidelines allow us to guarantee the various types of fuel we sell including on- and off-road diesel fuels.