2021 Heating and Cooling System Checklist

Happy New Year! Now that 2021 is upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about preparing for the year ahead. This includes ensuring your heating and cooling systems work properly and effectively. By taking the necessary steps to prepare your systems ahead of time, you can avoid potential problems or situations from occurring later on. Read on to find out what steps you can take to keep your heating and cooling systems working as they should throughout the year.


Now that it’s winter, your heating system is working non-stop. If you haven’t already scheduled an annual maintenance visit, now is the time to do so. Think of this visit like you would an annual checkup with your physician. Our service technicians make sure that everything is working properly, and any issues are caught ahead of time. The service technician will inspect and replace air filters, check thermostats, observe drain connections and more. All of these processes contribute to a system that works as it should.


In addition to an annual checkup, make sure to install and/or upgrade the thermostats in your home. An up-to-date thermostat effectively directs the furnace to kick in. If your thermostats are not upgraded, the furnace might not work as quickly or as well as you need it to. Don’t wait until there’s a problem – get on top of it ahead of time and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches!


Just as you need to keep your heating system maintained, your air conditioning unit is no different. Make sure to schedule an annual service checkup for your AC system this year. An annual AC unit service technician inspects all of the parts both inside and outside your system for damage, cleans debris, and replaces air filters. Since the weather is not likely to warm up anytime soon, now is the perfect time to get ahead of any potential issues with your AC before you need to use it.


Is there anything worse than waking up to a cold home, only to realize that you’ve run out of oil? You can completely avoid this scenario by signing up for automatic delivery.  With automatic oil delivery, our team monitors your average oil usage to determine a delivery schedule unique to your needs. If you haven’t done so already, register for our customer portal to sign up for automatic delivery, schedule services or manage payments from the safety and comfort of your home.


At Alves Fuels, we’re here to help you and your home stay comfortable all year long. Contact us today with any questions about our heating, cooling or plumbing services.

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