3 Benefits of Will-Call Delivery

by Nov 17, 2021Heating, News

will call delivery

As the colder weather comes upon us here in New England, having a plan in place to keep your home or business warm and cozy is essential. It’s normal to worry if you have enough oil to last through a blizzard or subfreezing temperatures, but there are measures you can take to avoid that experience. For some of our customers, our automatic oil delivery service brings immense peace of mind throughout the winter season. But did you know that we also have will-call oil delivery? Here are three benefits of our will-call delivery service.

No Need To Schedule Ahead

Will-call is when you call us up and we deliver oil to your location as needed. We know that life happens. Sometimes it’s difficult to establish a delivery schedule. Maybe you realized you’re low on oil before your scheduled delivery, or your business used more fuel for one reason or another. Will-call delivery allows for you to call when you need it and not have to schedule ahead. If you do prefer a more scheduled approach, automatic oil delivery might be a better choice for you, but will-call still provides fast service and allows you to be more hands-on when it comes to monitoring the fuel delivery process.

Quick and Reliable Service

If you find yourself low on oil, you need a delivery service that’s fast and reliable. Alves Fuels offers quick will-call turnaround times, so you don’t have to spend days potentially going without heat. Will-call delivery works to meet your needs as promptly as possible. As a reminder, during the busy winter months, we cannot guarantee same-day delivery. Keep an eye on your oil tank to make sure it doesn’t go below about a quarter full. It’s also best to call before things get too dire to avoid having to prime or restart your tank. The same level of service exists for both our residential and commercial clients.

Last-Minute Flexibility

Finally, will-call oil delivery is a good choice for you if your situation requires some last-minute flexibility. For example, no matter how much you plan, sometimes you underestimate the amount of oil you use in your home or business. It’s easy to schedule a will-call delivery to accommodate those circumstances. This is especially helpful if you have a more flexible schedule because you don’t need to stay bound to a specified or estimated time. You can also take advantage of both automatic and will-call delivery options if you need to. Even if you enroll in automatic delivery, emergencies can and do happen, and that’s a big advantage of our will-call service option.

Alves Fuels offers heating, cooling, and oil delivery services to homes and businesses across Western Massachusetts. Schedule a will-call delivery today through our online customer portal or by calling us at (413) 589-0797.