There’s nothing quite like the first truly cold day of the season. On your way to your car, you realize you need your warmer jacket. You start the annual search for the gloves you apparently lost between springtime and now to protect your hands from the ice-cold steering wheel. As you wait for the car’s engine to warm up (not quickly enough!) it’s obvious: winter is upon us.

And winter brings with it a reliable increase in heat-related expenses.

While keeping your home warm during the cold weather months isn’t optional, did you know that you can save energy – and money – by following just a few simple tips?

If you want to avoid an overly large energy bill this winter, keep reading.


Heating systems run most efficiently when they are up to date and properly maintained. If you haven’t done so already, schedule an inspection and cleaning for your heating system now. It’s an easy way to prevent uneven heating throughout your home. A well-maintained heating system heats efficiently, and because it doesn’t have to work extra hard to heat your home, you’ll save money on your energy bill as well.


One of the simplest ways to reduce energy costs is to seal your drafty windows and doors. Even newer homes can have subtle drafts from their windows or under doors that let in the cold air. Older homes are almost guaranteed to. Take some time to insulate any of the spaces in your home that might be introducing cold air, making it difficult for your heating system to perform its job well. Just a few simple steps can make a big difference in how much energy you can save this winter.


Do you have a fireplace? Whether you use it regularly or not, your fireplace can play a part in contributing to inefficient heating throughout your home. Remember to properly close the flue after every use. Especially if you use the fireplace as a heat source, make sure it’s maintained and cleaned every season. If you’re very concerned about heat loss from your fireplace, you can even insulate your chimney to preserve and seal in the heat.


Yes, we’ve talked about this before, but it’s such a simple step we had to mention it again: invest in a programmable thermostat! Do you spend most of your time away from your home but still run the thermostat? Lowering your thermostat when you’re not at home can significantly reduce the amount of energy it takes your heating system to do its job. You can even schedule your thermostat’s settings to coincide with your schedule. Likewise, consider sleeping in a cooler room. You sleep better in cooler temperatures, and since you don’t need the extra heat during the night, you can conserve a respectable energy by giving your heating system less work to do.


We hope you use these tips to preserve heat, conserve energy and save money this winter. Want to schedule a furnace or boiler inspection, or talk to someone about installing programmable thermostats in your home? Give us a call today! 413-589-0797

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