Reasons to Get an Early Heating System Tune-up

by Aug 6, 2021Heating, News

Reasons to Get an Early Heating System Tune-up

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? When you’re not prepared, everything seems more overwhelming. You may even forget to find everything on your list because you find yourself distracted by all of the food you see! Preparation makes things simpler and easier to manage without getting overwhelmed. The same goes for your heating system. As summer draws to a close and autumn looms ahead, you might be tempted to wait until later to schedule your annual tune-up for your heating system. Here are four reasons to schedule your service visit before fall starts.

Schedule Availability

A key part of staying prepared is thinking ahead. Once autumn is well underway, you may have to wait longer than anticipated to schedule your service tune-up. Get ahead of the game by scheduling your tune-up now. Even if you want to schedule the visit several weeks in advance, that still gives you plenty of time ahead of the cold weather. You also can avoid competing with other customers for an appointment. As simple as it sounds, scheduling flexibility can make the difference between smooth and bumpy heating services.

Get Ahead of Repairs

Are you concerned about your furnace’s efficiency or longevity? Anticipating the need for repairs on a part (or several)? An early tune-up gives you a buffer and bides you time before the cold weather. Depending on the nature of the repair, you may need to wait for a new part to arrive or possibly even replace your system altogether. Rather than waiting until the weather is cold to realize you have an issue with your furnace, boiler, or water heater, scheduling a service visit before the fall can give you much-needed peace of mind. Avoid any last-minute stresses this fall and winter.

Avoid Weather Related Delays

Fall and winter weather brings with it potential impacts like ice and snow. If you schedule your service visit for September or early October, you are much less likely to face inclement weather. Snow and ice involve cold weather, which puts a toll on your heating system. However, weather events like snow and icy road conditions can also cause delays in oil deliveries and service visits. While delays can still happen due to other issues aside from the weather, getting your furnace serviced before the winter months virtually erases the chances of snow and ice getting in the way.

Next Steps

Get and stay prepared for the cold weather ahead of time. By scheduling your heating system’s annual tune-up before the fall, you can experience faster service times and greater peace of mind. Call Alves Fuels at (413) 589-0797 or book through our customer service portal to schedule your annual service visit.