How Oil Delivery Can Save You Money

by Dec 2, 2020Heating, News

How Oil Delivery Can Save You Money

If your home generates heat from oil, fuel delivery is a necessity. It’s not something you can conveniently overlook. In order to stay warm and comfortable during the cold months here in New England, you need to have enough fuel to last. But what about the costs? With the right planning and resources, you don’t have to worry. Here are four ways that oil delivery can save you money this winter.

Discounts With Automatic Delivery

Do you crave stability and dependability? In that case, enrolling in automatic fuel delivery could be a great option for you. Not only do you have the peace of mind about never running out of fuel, you also can save some money as well.

Avoid Emergency Fees

A simple way to save money with oil delivery is by avoiding emergency fees and the potential need to prime your heating system before filling your tank with fuel. This can happen if you let the tank get completely empty due to unexpected overuse. Consider enrolling in automatic delivery to prevent this from occurring. Emergency and after hour delivery calls often come with an increase in costs.

Off-Season Fill UPS

Take advantage of lower oil prices that usually occur in the spring and summer months. If you need to be stricter with your budget during the winter, when you’re likely to fill up your oil tank multiple times, top up your tank at the end of the summer. That way, come January, you won’t be stuck filling a nearly empty tank with potentially higher prices. You also would have some flexibility to fill only the minimum amount required to further reduce costs.

Service Plans

Just like a car needs an oil change to run smoothly, your heating system does too. Although it might not seem related to oil delivery, scheduling an annual tune up for your furnace and water heater is important. If everything is working as it should, your heating system will warm your home effectively without wasting or leaking fuel. In addition, you can save money with furnace maintenance by signing up for one of our service plans, which includes a tune up, labor and any necessary parts. Oil delivery and your heating system should work together to provide you much needed warmth, comfort and peace of mind. Saving money is an added bonus!

Start Saving Today

If you haven’t scheduled your annual tune up or enrolled in automatic fuel delivery with Alves Fuels yet, give us a call today. Let’s get you on the road to saving money with oil delivery this winter.