What Can you Save With Heating Service Plans?

As the leaves start to fall and temperatures drop here in New England, it’s time to think about your heating system again. Is your furnace, water heater or other systems in need of a tune up? Do you have an older system? Without proper maintenance, your heat and air conditioning systems are likely to suffer from wear and tear or overuse and not work as efficiently. Just like a car, heating systems and AC units require mechanical attention to ensure things run smoothly.


Wondering how signing up for a service plan can benefit you? Here are just a few ways.


Without a service plan, emergency repair services and even scheduled visits can add up. A service plan contributes a $1,500 payment  to replace a qualifying water tank if needed. If your water tank does not qualify, our Energy or Total Energy Conservation plans funds $100 for a replacement. Additionally, if you have ever had a heating or plumbing emergency, you know the price that comes with it. With an energy conservation plan, you can have access to discounts to cover the costs of both parts and labor.


Similarly, a service plan for your heating system gives you peace of mind in the event of unforeseen emergencies. Our team at Alves provides emergency repair, which our service plans cover. The annual tune ups as part of your service plan helps your equipment run smoothly and protect against potential unwanted surprises from damage or the effects of use over time. This is also why it’s important to schedule a tune up each year.


Currently, Alves Fuels offers three different types of service plans. The air conditioning tune-up addresses the parts and system maintenance for your AC unit. Both the Energy and Total Energy Conservation service reduce your energy bills, help prevent and provide emergency services, ando offer up to a 25% discount on labor and parts costs.


Here’s what’s covered under our heating service plans:


  • Safety Inspection
  • Emergency Services
  • Annual tune up
  • Tank replacement/payment
  • 15% parts and labor discount


  • Safety Inspection
  • Emergency Services
  • Annual tune up
  • Tank replacement/payment
  • 25% parts and labor discount


So what happens if your heating system needs to be replaced? We’ve partnered with LUSO Federal Credit Union to provide flexible financing for any upgrades you might need. Apply anytime online right from the comfort of your home from any computer or mobile device. Don’t neglect peace of mind because of finances!


You could potentially save up to hundreds of dollars per year on emergency repairs and even annual tune ups for your air conditioning and heating units. Prepare your heating systems for cold weather and save yourself money by signing up for one of our service plans. Never worry about surprise emergency heating situations again – contact us today to sign up!

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