How to Service Your AC Unit

by Jun 23, 2021Cooling, News

How To Service Your Ac Unit

Air conditioning is necessary during the summer months. However, more usage also means more wear and tear on your AC unit. This applies to both central and window units. As the weather warms up this summer, it’s important to know the signs of when your AC unit may need to be serviced, and how to do some of it yourself. Here are three tips you can do today.

Clean the Condenser and Coils

Have you noticed that your AC unit isn’t cooling your home as well as it used to? It may be time to service your condenser. The condenser is the piece that cools down the refrigerant – the substance responsible for cooling the air – after it transforms from a gas to a liquid state. The condenser is not directly responsible for how effective an AC unit is at temperature control, but if there is a blockage, mold or mildew in the fins or fan mechanism, it can affect the overall process. Over time, this can mean a less than effective unit. Consider cleaning the fins and coils with a vacuum or brush to get rid of any buildup to ensure the condenser is working as it’s supposed to.

Remove Debris

Although your main priority is getting your AC to work well for a comfortable indoor environment, don’t forget the outdoor space. Dust and debris like leaves can build up around the unit outside, which can play into the issues with the condenser mentioned above. Turn off the electricity to the unit before disassembling the parts and removing any collected debris or dust in the coils, fans or other areas around the unit itself. While a deep clean is necessary before the season starts, it’s not a bad idea to keep on top of any outdoor issues near your AC from downed leaves, wind debris etc. throughout the summer. This tip is particularly relevant for central air units, but can also apply to window units as well, especially if they are located near a gutter.

Replace the Filter

Since you want clear, clean air entering your home, don’t wait too long to clean and/or replace the filters in your AC units. Just like any filtration system, heavy use leads to buildup in the filter, which in turn reduces its effectiveness. The good news is that filter replacement does not cost an arm and a leg, and you’re likely to see a significant difference in how well your AC unit works after doing so.

Not a DIY-ER? We’re Here for You!

Overwhelmed by the prospect of some of these tasks or have other factors preventing you from doing it thoroughly? Prefer having someone else manage the process instead of doing it yourself? Whatever your reason, schedule an AC service unit with Alves Fuels. We serve Ludlow, MA and the surrounding areas for all of your air cooling needs this summer.