Air Conditioning Tips For Summer

by May 6, 2022Cooling

air conditioning

Summer is coming up quickly, and it’s time to ensure that your air conditioner is running effectively so you can stay cool and comfortable this summer. Unfortunately, we tend to forget all about our AC units during the wintertime, but there are a few things you should check out before enjoying the cool air in the warmer months. 

Air Conditioning Checklist

Here is an AC checklist you can refer to in order to keep your AC in good working order. 

  1. Get an annual tune-up to ensure your maintenance is up-to-date and your AC unit is safe.
  2. Remove anything that might be obstructing your AC unit.
  3. Change and clean your AC filter.
  4. Test your unit to ensure the AC cools correctly, and your thermostat is in good working order. 
  5. Check and clear the drainage line.


Annual Tune-Up

Every year it is important to schedule AC maintenance with an expert technician to ensure your AC unit is still working correctly. If you have not scheduled your yearly air conditioning tune-up, give us a call today, and we will set you up with an appointment. 

AC Unit Obstruction 

It’s easy to forget about your AC unit during the summer, and it can easily get blocked by household items, leaves, plants, and other debris that can be a potential hazard. Be sure to clear loose debris around our unit, so it is clear to work. 

Clean Your Filters

Your air filters can easily get clogged with dirt and debris, and keeping them clean can reduce energy consumption. Be sure to clean or change your filter monthly. 

Test Your AC Unit

Simply turning on your AC can tell you a lot. Look out for loud noises, odd smells, or reduced airflow. Note how cool the air gets and if you notice any issues, be sure to schedule an appointment. We can handle maintenance, repair, and installation depending on the issues. 

Clear The Drainage Line

The drain pipe on your AC unit can easily get blocked, preventing humidity. In order to clear your drainpipe, you can use a shop vacuum and pour bleach into the access line. If this is not something you feel comfortable doing, you can always contact our team, and we can handle it for you. 

We Can Help 

Your AC unit is the foundation for having a cool and comfy summer, so make sure to follow this checklist to enjoy your summer and not worry about your air conditioner breaking down. If you are not ready to handle your AC maintenance on your own, we would love to come by and make sure everything is ready to go for summer. We know how important it is for you to stay cool during the summer season, and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.