Budget Planning For Oil Delivery

by May 24, 2022Heating

heating costs

A budget plan is a great way to manage and track your heating costs. For example, while you can order single delivery oil or propane, the costs can be upwards of hundreds of dollars, and a budget plan can minimize these upfront costs. At Alves Fuels, we offer flexible plans to help our customers spread out their payments throughout the year into monthly payments. 

How Is My Budget Plan Determined?

If you are an Alves Fuels customer, we will review your heating oil or propane usage over the past three years to estimate an appropriate number of gallons to determine your monthly payment. If you are a new customer, we ask that you provide insight into your past usage history, along with the size of your home, how many rooms, and what appliances are using heating oil and propane. This will help us determine the appropriate plan for your needs. 

Will My Budget Payment Change?

We review budgets several times a year to ensure your payments are appropriate for your fuel usage. Your cost may rise or lower due to weather or prices.

What Other Benefits Come With Enrolling In A Budget Plan?

One of the biggest perks of enrolling in a budget plan is being an automatic delivery customer. There’s no need to call our office to schedule your next delivery. Instead, we track current temperatures and past usage to determine when your next delivery should be scheduled. There’s no worry of running out of fuel when you’re an automatic delivery customer.

How Do I Sign Up For A Budget Plan?

If you are ready to join our budget payment plans and automated delivery, we are happy to help! Simply call or visit our office to get started. We will walk you through the process and expected costs and get everything set up for you. 

Budgeting is a great way to keep your finances secure and prepare for future costs. We hope our payment services will help you stay on your budget and streamline your oil and propane delivery. We look forward to working with you this year and keeping your home warm and cozy.