Prepare Your Heating System for Cold Weather

Although winter is several months away, cooler weather is coming – and with it, the need for a heating system that’s safe and effective. So what are some ways you can prepare your heating system ahead of the colder months? Want to avoid emergency heating services during the winter? Some emergencies are unavoidable, but you can prevent major catastrophes by preparing your heating system before the first frost.


If you rely on a furnace for your home’s heating source, make sure to keep your air filters as clean as possible. Practically speaking, air filters should be changed about once per month. Your household heating needs determine exactly how often you need to replace your filters – every home is different. Regardless, staying on top of air filter replacements means you are less likely to face a surprise lack of efficiency from your furnace come wintertime.


Did you know that the exhaust from the furnace often leaves your home through the chimney? If there’s a blockage of any kind, like debris from leaves or animals, the filtered air is unable to process out of the house efficiently. Not only does this mean your furnace works harder with less than stellar results, a blocked chimney raises your risk for carbon monoxide to build up in your home. Avoid putting yourself and your household residents at risk – get your chimney inspected ASAP.


Have you tested your thermostats lately? Now is the time. A thermostat tells your furnace to kick on when the room temperature gets too cold. Most of the time, thermostats work well without many problems. However, you can avoid some cold weather heating emergencies by ensuring that your thermostats are working correctly. Replace the batteries as an extra precaution.


Why worry about whether your furnace is ready for winter when you can leave it to the experts? To get ahead of any unwelcome heating related issues, don’t forget to schedule your annual heating system tune up. One of our expert service technicians will test and clean your furnace and/or other heating system units. A routine tune up prolongs the life of your heating system, reduces your risk of emergencies later on, and makes sure your furnace does its job efficiently. For further peace of mind, sign up for an annual service plan, which covers you in the event of an emergency service call at any time throughout the year.


Create your customer portal account with us for convenience! If you are an existing customer, you just need your customer number to set up the account. If you are a new customer, create your online account. Winter will be here before you know it. You can also contact our Alves Fuels team to schedule your annual heating system tune up and get peace of mind ahead of the cold weather.

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