Is Your Air Conditioning Giving You Allergies?

Now that it’s officially summer, you’re likely blasting the AC at all times of the day. While air conditioning obviously helps cool your home down, it can also trigger allergy symptoms, like a stuffy nose and sneezing. Have you noticed that you wake up with a stuffy nose or sneeze more frequently than usual after you first wake up? Your air conditioning might be the culprit. Although your AC unit itself might not be the reason for the allergy symptoms, it might not be filtering the air efficiently, blowing pollen, dust, and other contaminants throughout your home.

Want to keep allergy symptoms at bay while also staying cool this summer? Make sure to check out the following tips.


Regardless of whether you have a window or central AC unit, a clean filter makes all the difference in terms of efficiency and for preventing allergy symptoms. Make sure to install and replace filters regularly, because an old or damaged filter does not do its job and is more likely to let contaminants in from the outside. Common allergens include pollen, pollution, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Regularly replacing and maintaining your air conditioning filters prevents these allergens from entering your home through the AC unit and maximizes its efficiency. As an added precaution, consider investing in an air purifier.


Similarly to filters, air ducts and vents need to be regularly inspected and clean. Dirty ducts or vents mean that less air is removed or dispersed into a room, making your AC work harder for less benefit. Sometimes dust, mold, and other debris build-up into your ducts as well. Cleaning your air conditioning ducts and vents is a complex task, so if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, give us a call!


You schedule an annual service visit for your furnace, but did you know it’s just as important to service your AC? Just like with your heating system, having a professional service your air conditioning unit helps keep it running efficiently and cleanly. Our typical cooling system service visit includes some of the following:

  • Damage or leak assessment
  • Compressor inspection
  • Checking for any blockage or leaks in the coils
  • Reviewing the power to make sure the unit runs efficiently

An annual service visit means you can leave the complex work of cleaning and maintaining your AC unit to us. With an efficient AC system that properly filters and disperses cool air, you can keep your house cool and free of allergy-causing contaminants like pollen, dust, and mold.


Ready to schedule your annual maintenance visit for your air conditioning system? Call to book your appointment and we’ll help keep your house cool and allergen-free this summer.

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