Signs That Your A/C Unit Needs To Be Updated Or Replaced

by Apr 19, 2022Cooling

Signs That Your A/C Unit Needs To Be Updated Or Replaced

It’s already starting to heat up, which means your AC is about to come out of hibernation and keep your house cool. Unfortunately, this is also the time when AC issues tend to show up the most. If your AC is on the fritz, here are signs that your AC needs to be updated or replaced. 

AC System is Blowing Warm Air

There is nothing worse than turning on your AC and looking forward to refreshing and cold air, only to get hit with warm air. You purchased your AC to keep you and your family cool and comfortable over the summer months, and unfortunately, hot air is not going to accomplish that for you. So if your AC is blowing warm or hot air, it’s time to connect with one of our expert technicians, so we can get things cool again. 

The Thermostat Is Not Working

Your thermostat is the operations center of your AC system. Your thermostat communicates with your AC to let it know how much cold air it needs to generate. The thermostat is also essential for measuring whether or not the AC is doing its job correctly. If your AC is only running for a few brief moments and then shutting off completely, this might be a sign you need to have your thermostat inspected. 

Strange Odors And Sounds

If your AC is starting to smell a little musty or strange, that could mean you have mold in your ducts or a burnt-out part. If you notice any funky smells or sounds coming from your AC, give us a call. These things can be unsafe for your family and require an inspection from a professional. 

Your Electric Bill Is Too High 

If you start noticing that your electric bill is too high or steadily increasing more than last year, that might be a sign that your AC system needs to be updated or replaced. This could be caused by a broken thermostat or leaks in your ducts, so contact a technician as soon as possible to reduce the increase of your electric bill and get your system in great shape again. 

Your AC Lifespan Is Over

Your AC unit should last about ten years, so if you start to notice issues with your unit and it’s been about a decade since you bought it, it might be time to start shopping for a new air conditioner. While this is not always the case, our technicians can check out your system and let you know if you can get more time out of your system or if it’s time for an upgrade. 

With summer quickly approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to ensure your AC is ready to keep you and your family cool in the warmer months. We can come by and inspect your AC for its annual tune-up, or if you are noticing any of these issues, please give us a call immediately, and we will come to take a look at your unit.