Central Air Alternatives

In many areas of the country, central air is commonplace. But here in Massachusetts, not everyone has access to a central air cooling system. Despite the relatively short summer here, you still need effective ways to stay cool. What if you don’t have central air conditioning or you prefer to pay attention to energy use. What are the best alternatives to central air? We will discuss several options here.


Before the invention of air conditioning, as we know it, people used fans to regulate the temperature during hot weather. Fans work by removing the humidity from the circulating air around it. Although fans do not deposit cool air into the environment, it can still provide relief from stuffy, hot air. You can choose several options including window, box, ceiling, or even whole-house fans depending on your preferences and needs. Overall, they are a good option if you don’t have access to any other cooling alternatives, especially when adding cross breezes and other ways to cool down your home.


A portable AC unit is an alternative to central air cooling systems. Portable AC units connect to an exhaust pipe and can build up condensation, according to FamilyHandyman.com. They are more affordable than installing a central air cooling unit and are also obviously portable options. However, a window unit does use more energy than a fan, for example, and can sometimes be loud and take up space.


Window AC units are an affordable and effective way to cool your home during the summer. They are easily accessible and simple to install and use. Window AC units effectively remove humid, hot air from the room and disburse cool air to replace it. In general, if you want an affordable alternative to a central air cooling system, window AC units are a solid and reliable option.


Despite the ease and accessibility of window units, portable AC units, and good old fashioned fans, there are benefits to central air conditioning.  If you want a low maintenance cooling system, cleaner air, and the ability to cool multiple rooms in your home at once, central air could be a good fit for you. Especially during times like these, air purity is important, and central air systems allow for cleaner air to be cycled and disbursed. Although central air systems might seem costly initially, they pay for themselves in time, convenience, and efficiency.


Have a question about what air cooling systems are a good fit for your needs, including central air? Already have a central air system and want to schedule a tune-up ahead of the hot summer months? Give us a call and we can help you navigate and manage your cooling needs.

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